A raining day

Summer is coming up and  days  of raining with it. Feeling the water drops, wearing umbrella, walking on wet streets, smelling humid ground, grey skies, and cold evenings evoke moments of meditation, cuddle, a cup of coffee or  hot chocolate, deep conversations in home or a comfortable place. The mountains start to become in green guardians during this season. In these moments,  the sun and the rain agree to create  rainbows around the city. This invite us to pay more attention in our surroundings.


Walking through thoughts

Today, walking was my best medicine. Walking in the city, gave me air, fresh ideas, elements for relaxing and distracting. Walking with careful observation as a  companionship is a nice combination. In these days I will learn how to walk with a different structure in my knee. I am enjoying my complete knee, and I am saying good-bye to it,  something is no working well. So walking is a good way to say good-bye and simultaneously a path to receive opportunities and excellent moments of life.

Sometimes life changes

Sometimes there are  events or actions that change our lives. Life is a constant movement. Although we do not realize about this frequently, until something happens, a death , an illness or an accident. With these sad news, we learn. We take a time to think, breathe and make a reflexion. We start to heal our life’s connection, life style, feelings, thoughts, and so on. I learn also about good moments. Even though there are bad moments, life is a gift, each breath is a dream, hope, energy and lightness. Seeing the full moon, a hummingbird in the garden, a blooming flower in the roof,  feeling my body in the water,  enjoying a sunrise, walking in a raining day, dancing salsa, sharing feelings, words, projects with friends or people we do know too much, but we connect with them immediately. That is the magic of life. All is about connections. We have recent connections with people and the environment, but also  ancient connections, that guide our spirit.  Everyday I learn  how to live in this Web of life as Capra said. Let’s enjoy this network that supports this marvelous process: life.

Mexican Drug trafficking and Drug war : a complex phenomenon.

   Currently, Mexican drug trafficking is a complex phenomenon, as well as the drug war, the apparent National strategy to combat this illegal activity. Both are part of the same reality, they are interconnected and cannot be analyzed as isolated events. They are a convoluted web of many partakers and layers: drug dealers, different levels of government, entrepreneurs, army, and police from Mexico, USA, and Colombia. This drug web is causing a violent environment in all the country, at different levels of intensity, and is affecting most the civil society.

  Drug trafficking and the drug war is an important business which benefits drug dealers, government and entrepreneurs from Mexico, USA, and Colombia. Drug trafficking in Mexico – an illegal economical activity- produces more income for the country than foreign exchange and petroleum. Mexican government invests a substantial budget to strengthen army and police for the drug war; and makes money laundering as do the businessmen. The USA is the principal consumer of drugs and the source of weapons. The Mexican government builds alliances and negotiates with drug cartels and other country governments. This context allows us to identify the reason of why this illegal activity does not disappear.

  The drug war is an apparent reaction from the government against drug trafficking, and a government strategy with multiple purposes. The government and its army and police are in collusion with drug trafficking leaders; they seem to be the solution but are the part of the problem. Drug war is a false strategy, the government’s hidden agenda of this campaign is different than the objective which is called. Some aims are repressing any rebellious social movement around the country and controlling all Mexican society, justifying violent acts that are actions against drug dealers. Besides that, it is a way to legitimate a failed national government by distracting Mexicans through the media, which teach us the national discourse: “Drug traffickers are bad, they are the cause of the violence and insecurity in the country; the army and police are our solution”. Moreover it is a big show which safeguards government’s protected cartels and parties, makes up cartels’ war for the national territory; hides government outrages, and Mexican economic, political and social crisis; justifies all the invested budget in army and police; and develops a political war and a culture of fear in all the society which paralyzes us and doesn’t allow us to think, organize ourselves nor act. Furthermore, it creates ignorance, hopelessness and eliminates memory.  One of the most serious consequences of the drug war is that civil people die in name of this crackdown that searches for the most looked-for drug dealers.

   This complex phenomenon is causing violence, deaths  and disappearances. Drug trafficking has produced 40,000 corpses in five years- 8 000 per year -, and 13 000 disappearances from the civil society. We need to accept that we are in a war of  low intensity. In Mexico, there are different types of coexisting wars:  drug war, war between cartels, war between government and rebellious social movements, media war, and political war. Many of them are interwoven and go hand in hand with violence.

  However, as citizens, we should not accept this terrible situation. We have to consider that the National drug war is escalating the violence in our country. Drug culture, drug trafficking and drug war are a maze without end if we continue analyzing the problem with a simple approach and fear.

  This Mexican situation is a multifaceted and systemic problem. We need to look it as a complex system and identify our role or responsibility in this context. We are part of this society. We must invest time in education and culture; reading and studying are some of the best strategies to survive inside this reality, but not from main sources of media which manage a government discourse. There are two accessible sources to comprehend this complex problem: “Chamuco”, a political magazine and the book “Los Señores del Narco” from Anabel Hernández.  Another action is changing our own attitudes: being confident and reflective will help. In Michoacan, we must demand the government to promote education, culture, fair jobs, public social security, primary activities and food security. Michoacan has culture, natural beauties, and resources which are a potential to the State ‘s development. We are at a critical point. We need to awaken consciousness of most people, and build a civil society support network. This structure will give us force and enthusiasm.

The new Blogging Guidelines, a team consensus

After sharing our  individual ideas, opinions and proposals of  blogging rules. We ,the Advanced Writing group, built other blogging guidelines that represent everyone . I liked the process of constructing the new rules. First, it was an individual process. Then we worked in subgroups. After that , one spokesperson of each subgroup shared our synthesis. Finally all together wrote the final Blogging Guidelines. In all the process Ellen, our teacher was acompanied.

The next lines are the result of this team work.

Write respectfully:Human interactions are based on values, such as respect. Anything you write should be:
• concise,
• constructive,
• objective,
• sincere,
• in topic, and
• specific
in order to improve and help each other pursuing our common goal: writing academically in English as a second language.

Posts and comments should be polite, respectful, and encouraging. Feel free to share your own point of view and point out accuracy mistakes in our writing community.

Write accurately:Write in a correct way. Take care of grammar and mechanics. Proofread your work before you post. Use Netiquette.

Keep your personal information private.

Learning is a process. Enjoy it.

Mawashi Space

I am breathing. I am connecting with breathing. Air gets inside from my head and goes down. I expand myself. My knees sense my hands on them.  My body expands and touches the room.  We are the same space. I smell sandalwood, it allows me to enjoy meditation and being there. When I open my eyes I see Mikao Usui smile, I rest my gaze on his eyes.  I am happy. Mikaos’ face is enlightened by a red light that is melting. I don´t feel alone, blessings are coming continuously. Birds’ songs follow me. They seem they are dancing to the music rhythm. These sounds let me go outside the room and experience the grass, walk on it, contemplate the flowers. Behind me I sense the wind from the garden and in front of me I have a picture of a live garden‘s landscape with an altar. I follow breathing; air goes inside and goes out. My breath connects me with my essence and with the exterior.  I am one. I close my eyes again and I feel expansion, confidence and power. It is my life; I have all the possibilities of being. This excites me. I unfold my eyes and I gaze the beauty of the plant that it is in front of the live garden´s picture and next to the quarry altar. My look turns around and gets into a heart mandala.  I enter the spiral and I handle its seeds, water drops, plants and butterflies. I am going to the center: the heart, my own heart. I get outside and I contemplate this mandala hanging on the wall. This experience, that transmits me into the picture, is my own knowledge. I feel my heart as the center of my life; my life is in expansion and unity. I put my hands palm to palm at chest height. I thank Mika Usui Sensei, his companionship, his life, and his teachings. I devote all the energy generated for the benefit of all sentient beings to stop suffering from the origin of their suffering. I bow and I thank. I stand up, my feet feel comfortable on the beige carpet. My movements are slow. I listen the water fall in my glass, and then I drink. My body starts to experience freshness. Water is simple and fresh.  I fold the blanket next to the others and the meditation benches and cushions. I enjoy the mixture of colors white and green, and its repeated synchrony in this room.  I am happy knowing reiki. I see the gold kanjis of reiki word hung on the wall on a rectangular wooden form, with a green background. I glance it a moment and then I turn and go to the door. I stop and I gaze again at the room before I leave.